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Saving Democracy - Home

Welcome to Saving Democracy.

The principal aim of this site is to put new arguments for democratic reform, which will hopefully attract much needed additional support.

Trust in our political system is at an all time low. As a result people have ceased to expect to achieve anything through the ballot box, and instead mount single issue campaigns. Too often these campaigns are merely addressing symptoms - symptoms of a dysfunctional government machine. Too often government can afford to dismiss the campaigners as a minority of malcontents. Campaigners ought to realise that many of the problems have a common cause, and they should act together to address the cause.

Government is dysfunctional because it is not properly accountable to Parliament.

What we hope to do on this site is to convince you that our peculiar system of government in the UK does not deserve the name democracy, and badly lets us down. Its deficiencies affect every one of us. This is not a party political point. These deficiencies have existed for centuries.

We argue that the solution is more democracy, not less. We aim to connect those calling for democratic reforms with those demanding action on particular issues such as the NHS.

Of the various reforms that have been advocated, we argue that a proportional voting system - specifically STV - for the House of Commons would be the most valuable single measure. However it may not be enough in itself, and it would be the most difficult to achieve at this stage, as it would force the major parties to abandon their slipshod ways.

Experience shows that most people are not yet ready to fight for democratic reforms. They are beginning to realize that life has to change as a result of scarcity of natural resources, and some are trying to work out their own solutions. The next realization that has to come is that the existing political system will frustrate them at every turn. Once this realization has come, we can win support for a new type of political party - one that does not seek a place in government, but instead focuses on holding government to account.

NEW: Roadmap to Democracy.

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